Caracol Mayan Temple

Western Guest House provide one of a kind whole day activity at Belize’s largest Mayan Temple. It is located in the largest reserve area of Belize the Mountain Pine Ridge. Caracol is situated in a broadleaf forest and completely surrounded by our Mountain Pine Ridge. It is a trip you should not mist while in Belize. Therefore, make your reservation with us for an unforgettable experience in this little jewel we called Belize.

Caracol is the largest Maya site in Belize covering about 75 square miles (larger than modern day Belize City). At its peak (approx. 650 AD), Caracol’s epicenter, or town, housed about 15,000 people, with 120,000 – 180,000 living in the Caracol “suburbs” – settlements along the paved causeways radiating from the epicenter of Caracol. It was first occupied around 1200 BC, but its epicenter was not populated until around 650 BC, and was abandoned in approximately 950 AD, with the entire site abandoned by 1050 AD.

Caana (meaning sky palace), the main pyramid at Caracol, houses 4 palaces and 3 temples and remains the tallest building in modern Belize, with a height of approximately 141 feet. Along with Caana, structures at Caracol include 24 known stelae, 24 alters, a ball court, reservoirs, causeways, 5 plazas, an astronomic observatory, central acropolis, two ball courts, over 35,000 known buildings and more than 100 tombs. However, little of Caracol has been excavated except its central core, including 3 plaza groups, the acropolis, the two ball courts, Caana, several smaller structures and a visitor’s center.