Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech is now an archaeological park with a small museum. Western Guest House provide daily trips to the Mayan site and museum. It is a must see site. Therefore, come explore it with Western Guest House.

Cahal Pech, whose Maya name means, (Place of The Ticks) contains some evidence of some of the earliest Maya settlements in Belize. Data recovered at the Centre indicates that the first settlers began to occupy the site somewhere between 1200 and 1000 BC. Excavation during the past years suggest that during the Classic Period, Cahal Pech and its sustaining area may have encompassed a realm of around 10 square miles. Cahal Pech also contains one of the earliest monument yet discovered in this region of the Maya lowlands.

Cahal Pech was once a panlacio home for an elite Mayan family. This ceremonial Centre includes pyramid temples, palaces and a ball court. It is one of the oldest recognizably Maya sites in western Belize, resting high on the banks of the Macal River. The site was abandoned in the 9th century AD for unknown reasons.